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TOPDON V1500 Emergency Peak Car Jump Starter



  • Peak Current:
  • 1500A Capacity:
  • 1800mAh Type-C:
  • in 5V/3A Output 1:
  • QC3.05V/3A,9V/2A Output 2:
  • USB2.05V/2.1A DC Output:
  • 12V/10A Short Circuit Protection:
  • Effective Reverse Protection:
  • Effective The Operation Temperature∶
  • -20’℃~70’C(-4″F~158) Over Discharge Protection:
  • 13V+/-0.5V Dimensions:
  • 206+95.5-42mm(8.113.76*1.65inches) Weight 1.15kg(2.54Ib)
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TOPDON Volcano1500 serves as a portable Jump Starter for cars,boats,motorcycles,ATVs, lawn mowers, caravans,tractors, trucks, etc,with 25-times boost capability on a single charge, and multiple protections against shortcircuits,overloads, and overcharging etc,for optimal user experience. The Jump Starter can also be used in a variety of real-life applications for night illmination, outdoor activities,motoring life, and natural disaster emergency etc. to be the intimate guardian in your jouney


Peak Current: 1500A Capacity:1800mAh Type-C: in 5V/3A Output 1:QC3.05V/3A,9V/2A Output 2: USB2.05V/2.1A DC Output:12V/10A Short Circuit Protection: Effective Reverse Protection: Effective The Operation Temperature∶-20’℃~70’C(-4″F~158) Over Discharge Protection:13V+/-0.5V Dimensions:206+95.5-42mm(8.113.76*1.65inches) Weight 1.15kg(2.54Ib)


This product is only compatible with 12-volt lead-acid batteries. Do not use this product with any other type of battery.

Warm Tip:

Feel free to get technical support via email/Q&A, or hotline on our official site, Facebook or Twitter, if you are unsure if the scanner tool is suitable for your vehicle, or any questions.


TOPDON VOLCANO1500 can jump start 12V cars, trucks, vans, pickups, ATVs, SUVs, mowers, yacht, motorcycles, snowmobile, watercrafts or boats up to 15 times on a full charge. It can serve as a compact power bank with 18000mAh capacity, which can deliver dual USB charging, and power other car accessories via 12V 10A DC port.


1. Connect the smart battery clamp cable to the jump starter, the LED Indicator will flash alternately green and red indicating it is ready to use; 2. Correctly clip the red and black clamps to the vehicle battery terminals (red to positive, and black to negative); the green light will turned on being ready for jump starting; 3. Start the vehicle; 4. When the vehicle is started, disconnect the clamps from vehicle battery.

3-IN-1 Combination:

TOPDON Volcano1500 is a perfect combination of: 1. A 1500A Peak Current Jump Starter; 2. A 18000mAh Power Bank; 3. An LED Flashlight. It can get you well-prepared for natural disaster emergencies, outdoor activities, motoring life, and daily uses etc., no matter the temperature is high or low.


1. Short-circuit Protection: sparkle-proof. This protect ensures an ultra-safe status during jump start. 2. Reverse Polarity Protection: reverse Polarity faults typically occur while jump starting vehicles or installing new batteries and damage to 12/24 Volt electronics and bring danger. 3. Over-current Protection: is against excessive current or current beyond the acceptance. 4. Over-charge Protection: stops charging a battery once it is close to being fully charged. 5. Over discharge Protection: saves the battery from overcharging causing damage to the battery and creates a safety hazard, including fire danger. 6. Reverse Connection Protection: different interface design avoids reverse connection. 7. Reverse Charge Protection: prevents vehicle from charging the jump starter and saves the car battery capacity. 8. Over temperature Protection: shuts down the power supply when the internal temperature exceeded a safe value. 9. Low Temperature Protection: shuts down the power supply when the internal temperature is far below a safe value.


The ultra-bright LED flash light has 3 illumination modes: 1. A flash light when you’re in the dark; 2. A strobe light to attract attention; 3. An SOS signal flash, that will last up to 168 hours on a full charge, for when you’re outdoors and in need of emergency help. Also, The LCD screen shows exactly the remaining power and output voltage, which helps you make better use of the power and protect your devices.


A 18000mAh battery can serves as a back-up power pack to charge your phones, tablets, and more. The integrated LED flashlight can illuminate your engine bay when jump starting at night.


TOPDON VOLCANO1200 Jump Starter, intelligent jumper clamps, 12V car charger, user manual, TOPDON 2-year Warranty and friendly customer service. If you have questions when you use the jump starter, welcome to contact us through Amazon or send email directly to ▶◀, our professional technical team will help you solve the problem within 24 hours.


1. Support 12V batteries, up to 8L gasoline and 6.0L diesel; 2. Designed with 1500 amps of peak storage; 3. Conduct up to 25 jump starts on a single charge; 4. IP65 waterproof and shockproof for use on almost any weather; 5. Dual USB charging ports and a DC port for smartphones and other electronic devices, twice as fast as other common power banks;


1.Lithium Jump Starter battery clamp

3.Type-C Cable

4DC to Cigarete Lighter Converter

5.User Manual


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